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Give the gift of Creativity. Connect, create and imagine!

For people living with a disability or difficulty.

Get involved with drama at home with experienced teaching artist Anna Orchard. Classes are online, live and one-to-one (not pre-recorded). A wonderful opportunity for those who live with a disability or difficulty, to engage and express themselves creatively, and tell their own stories regardless of their level of ability.

Our class content is modifiable and adaptable to meet individual needs, with theatre-based activities building on a theme using music, singing, costumes, props and art making to promote deep learning.

Why Drama?

Drama can enhance overall health; non-verbal and verbal skills; movement; memory; focus concentration; and problem solving skills; as well as help to build self-confidence; while promoting creativity.

One-on-One sessions are especially suited to participants who want a more focused session which targets their individual goals or needs.


  • One-to-One sessions 30 mins each
  • Multi-sensory and multilayered approach to each exercise
  • Creative theme each session
  • Using voice and body to express creativity
  • Improvisation using different props or costumes to stimulate ideas
  • Lots of fun! Fun is the foundation of drama

Throughout the sessions the teaching artist may assist the participants in a number of different ways including: modelling ideas; giving verbal or visual instructions; using physical objects; pictures or soundscapes as stimulus material; or use puppets to help communicate ideas.


About The Provider

About Marian St Theatre for Young People

We are a Sydney-based children’s theatre organisation, and have been a leader in drama and theatre education for over 50 years. A Not-For-Profit and charity, our mission is to enrich the lives of young people by connecting them to the transformative power of live performance. All proceeds from classes go towards empowering young people and providing training opportunities for them in theatre.

Missed Classes: We rely on our students to make sure they turn up at the right time for classes. If you miss a class, unfortunately the fees for the session are still applicable - so please make sure to put the dates and times in your diary!


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