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Wildlings is the solution to one of my greatest frustrations as a mother. Regardless of how many times I requested ‘no plastic toys’ on birthdays and Christmas, my doting family couldn’t help themselves as they so badly wanted to see my children’s faces light up when they unwrapped a present under the Christmas tree. As beautiful as this is, it’s at the peril of our beautiful planet and my own grand babies future. We cannot continue to fill holes in our earth with plastic toys that bring such fleeting happiness.

Children grow so quickly and so to do their interests, creating an inevitably short lifecycle for most plastic toys which sadly do not have a short bio degradable cycle.

Let’s help our children see past a materialistic world and create one where experiences AND the environment are of the utmost value.



Give the gift of a skill, a lesson or a once in a lifetime experience. Give the gift our wildlings really want – happiness.



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We pride ourselves on our mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses and are always looking for fun and fulfilling experiences to add to our offering. If you think our brands could be a match made in heaven, get in touch!