Single Craft Workshop



Craft Nation was born out of founder, Emmy Lukito’s, passion for arts and crafts paired with her fascination of how different cultures use art as a form of self-expression and as a way to document their cultures and way of life.

In this live-streamed class, your teacher will guide you and demonstrate the step by step process in making and designing an Indian Diya lamp and elephant sculpture. During the workshop, you will learn to work with air dry clay to sculpt a Diya lamp and make an elephant. You will learn about the design process from concept development to the final design.  This fun activity is great for children’s fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.



1.5 hour art class including  materials and postage.
Method of delivery: Online via Zoom.
This class is run via Zoom and therefore requires a strong internet connection and suitable device. Your teacher will provide materials and send these via post. Please get in touch with the supplier upon voucher purchase to organise your booking. Always supervise children while using the internet and craft materials.



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