5 Sustainable Gift Ideas For Children

5 Sustainable Gift Ideas For Children

Here at Wildlings, we believe in providing kids with gifts that enrich their lives and avoid adding unnecessary plastic into landfill. Do your kids have their fair share of toys already? Here’s a few alternative gift ideas for their upcoming birthdays, Christmas or special occasion.

  1. Craft supplies

Not only do arts and crafts keep the little ones occupied for hours (okay, maybe 1 hours), but they also allow them to get creative and use their imagination. One of our favourite craft gift ideas is a paint set, which can be used to paint on recycled jars to place anything from flowers to toys or pencils in. Another huge trend lately is to paint rocks and turn them into cute little animals. Some people even hide them around parks as a treasure hunt for other children to find joy from.

  1. Lessons

Gifting your children with any ongoing lessons or activity is a great option for friends or family who aren’t sure what to get but want to provide a substantial gift (like Grandparents or Godparents). Not only does it help the parents out with covering an ongoing cost, but the children benefit from the skills they learn over time and the habit of continuing to learn a skill. Whether it’s soccer, ballet, cooking classes or yoga lessons, this type of gift helps develop the child’s personality and hobbies!

  1. High tea experience

A high tea experience shared with a Mum, Aunty or siblings is a truly special day of bonding. It’s just as important for our little ones to feel valued and special, and what better way than a high tea day out. If you think about it, many children enjoy playing ‘tea party’ with their friends or toys, so the real experience (with REAL food, not those imaginary scones) will be a true treat. Allowing our children into fancier environments as a part of a present makes them feel like a grown up, PLUS they definitely don’t mind the array of sweet treats on offer.

  1. Mini Garden

Helping your kids set up their very own mini garden is not only a fun activity you can do together, but it will also teach them responsibility in having to care for their garden. Whether it’s a veggie patch, herb garden or garden bed of flowers, we guarantee they’ll find long term joy in watching their creation grow. Bonus points if together you can grow anything that you can use in the kitchen, teaching them even more about where their food comes from or the satisfaction they’ll receive from eating something they’ve helped grow. Statistics also show that it teaches children food empathy and their likely to favour healthier foods into their adolescence.

  1. Sustainable toys

Thankfully, the rise in consumers making a conscious effort to care for the environment means there’s more and more companies offering sustainable and eco-friendly options. Big Future Toys and Happy Planet Toys are just two of these companies who create their toys from either wood or recycled milk bottles.


Written by Gift Guru, Laura Hodges