The Five Best Gift Experiences For Kids Under Five

The Five Best Gift Experiences For Kids Under Five

Parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunties are turning to gift experiences in an attempt to ditch the plastic toys and really give kids a gift they’ll remember. It’s a positive shift in the consumer psyche, when we see people starting to value experiences over material things, and even more beneficial when influential figures in a child’s life are seen modelling these values.

With that said, it can be difficult to find gift experiences that are age appropriate and enjoyable for the younger ones. But don’t sweat it, we consider ourselves gift experience experts in the children’s realm and we’ve compiled our top five for kids under five. We hope this helps!


  1. Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim when young is an imperative and lifesaving skill and swimming lessons should be accessible to children universally. However, they are undeniably expensive, and effectiveness relies on consistency. Gifting a term of swimming lessons to a child means that parents are relieved of that financial pressure and the little one in your life is securing confidence in the water. It also means you won’t be giving an unwanted gift that might end up in the bin – everyone’s winning!


  1. Dance Classes

Starting as young as two, dance classes are age appropriate and incredibly fun for both boys and girls. Most children love to have a little boogie whenever a familiar song starts playing, and you can bet your bottom dollar that joy will extend to a structured dance class. Not only is dancing obviously very fun, but it’s a fantastic tool for self-expression too. Young children are constantly learning about themselves, and their emotions and movement is a great tool to help them along the way. Exceptional dance schools utilise current research to focus on cognitive development, motor skills and spatial awareness – like our very own Little Moves Dance School. They’re based in Brisbane, however offer virtual services with their Silver Steps online dance series.


  1. Family Getaway

Family getaways are a sure-fire way to embed beautiful memories in your little one’s mind. A sea-side escape to celebrate a birthday or Christmas, filled with sandy, salty beach days and hours of family time will forever be appreciated. It also means that not only the giftee, but also the entire family will be overjoyed to receive such a meaningful experience. We understand that even a weekend away can be pricey, so combining efforts with other friends and family might spread the investment thinner. Finding an accommodation package with included activities can ensure a stand-out holiday to remember. Our Jervis Bay Family Getaway combines stunning coastal accommodation with included surf lessons – a recipe for the ultimate family weekend!


  1. Art Classes

Let your wild child’s inner Picasso shine! Art classes are such a fantastic gift experience for all children as they are so inclusive. They’re especially perfect for kids under five as they are still very receptive to painting, colouring and creating no matter how artistically inclined. It also means little one will get the opportunity to make lots of mess without mum and dad having to tackle the clean-up – you will be cemented in the good books forever!


  1. Aquarium Tickets

Most major cities in Australia have an aquarium and these are the best places for young kids to experience the wonders of the big blue ocean. An aquarium gift experience allows children to become acquainted with sea life from an early age, developing an interest and respect for the marine-life that they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to. It truly is a wonder in itself to watch the delight and mesmerisation on a child’s face the first time they witness a sea turtle swimming by. Be sure to check out your local aquariums conservation efforts and values to confirm they align with your own.


Written by Experience Gift Expert, Ashleigh Lieberman