Virtual Debating & Public Speaking Workshop – 4 days (Years 5-9)



Speaking Schools Australasia is a locally owned and run coaching organisation that offers public speaking and debating classes for children of all ages. We have been doing this for more than five years, with 7,500+ students having come through our doors.

All of our programs are taught by our experienced, energetic and engaging coaching team, who are well-acquainted in facilitating both online and face-to-face programs. If you are looking for an engaging and educational program set in a safe environment these school holidays, then we can help!

Speaking Schools Australasia offers fun online live programs to help students build their confidence in debating and public speaking these school holidays! Our four-day online workshops are designed to help students flourish as public speakers and debaters in an interactive yet risk-free environment.



Your child will take part in one of the following classes, depending on age and experience level:


Dates:  11 – 14 January 2021; or

18 – 21 January 2021


Time: 9:30 am – 1:00 pm.



Year 5-6 Public Speaking Hummingbirds Online

This introductory level course aims to give primary school students a head start on their public speaking and speech writing skills in a fun and welcoming atmosphere using our online platform.


Year 5- 6 Debating Hummingbirds Online

A four-day introductory course (set over eight sessions) for students with no experience in debating who want to see what it is all about. This program is a great way to ease students in and provides a solid foundation to build upon.


Year 5 – 6 Debating Hawks – Online

This four-day course is for students with some debating experience and affords them the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge, exercise their debating skills and gain exposure to interesting and pertinent topics.


Year 7-9 Foundations of Debating – Online 

A four-day program which places the focus on learning the fundamental skills necessary to flourish in high school debating for those who have limited experience.


Year 7- 9 Experienced Debating – Online 

A four-day workshop that combines multiple practice debates and a range of theoretical sessions to help high school students with experience in debating to further flourish.


Year 7-9 Foundations of Public Speaking – Online

A four-day public speaking program designed to help early high school students with limited experience develop the confidence to bring their words to life.


These classes are run on Zoom, however classes may return to face-to-face learning in term 3, pending restrictions being lifted around COVID19. An iPad or Laptop is most suitable for this format.


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